The face behind these blog posts. 
an individual who is very much the dreamer type. I started this blog in hopes to create an online community that thinks and lives similar to the way i do. sharing the same passion for our environment and loving the challenge of a low waste lifestyle. it started as a hobby and now advancing into somewhat of a passion to make this an income for my family. 

if we want to talk about myself, i'm an animal lovin', green thumbed, bare footed, gentle mama with a creative mind just longing to chat someone's ear off.

aside from blog life, i am in the process of launching my new eco-friendly retail store! i plan to work the store online & at vending events until i can find the perfect brick and mortar building for my store. 

peaches & Fern is a sustainable market that sells eco-friendly products for the home. From reusable kitchen products to bathroom supply. we will have you covered. You'll be able to shop peaches & Fern right here on my blog!


abbigail nicole blog is currently running a fundraiser for peaches & Fern first bulk order of inventory. Take a look here on how you can support my business.

I'm a mama first. 

as all mamas can relate to that statement, it's the truth. everything i do, i do for my children. i am so inspired by all of the other mamas out there who are successful entrepreneurs, they've beat the "normalized 9-5" and are at home, with their children, hands on learning and not missing a beat of their growth. memories forever cherished. 

i just know that my strive to make this work not only comes from my passion about my niche, but my hopes that my children will one day realize that mom always leaped towards what she wanted to do, even if she had fear of the risk, she never showed it. i want them to be inspired to do the same for their dreams in life.

 i appreciate all of you, your kindness shows and keeps me going. thank you for supporting my dreams.